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The Founding Families - About us

Back in the early 90’s three families—who are old friends—came together to create Next Door Wine. They wanted to produce the kind of Cabernet Sauvignon they loved to drink—a lush, concentrated, fruit-forward wine that could be shared with friends and loved ones.

Why the name Next Door? Well, our vineyard is quite literally next door to some of the most highly regarded wineries in the world, and we have learned never to underestimate the importance of good neighbors and good soil in creating exceptional wines.

We like to think that good wine is drunk with good friends and those that become good friends

We all love a great glass of wine and we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to enjoy our artisan wines that have been allowed to develop naturally.

Our wines are produced in limited quantities to preserve quality.
To ensure your enjoyment, make sure you’re on the allocation list.

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